Oscar the grouch coloring pages large

Oscar can also become mobile with the help of his friend Bruno the Trashman, who carries Oscar around in his trash can. Bruno is a full-body costume which allows Oscar’s puppeteer to manipulate Oscar while remaining hidden by the Bruno costume. :61–62 (While Bruno was seen fairly regularly in Sesame Street’s early days, he hasn’t appeared on the show in over a decade. ) Also, as seen in the Elmo’s World episode “Dance”, Oscar’s legs can protrude from the bottom of his trash can to allow him to walk around. Similarly, in Christmas Eve on Sesame Street (1978), Oscar is seen ice skating. For several seasons, Oscar was frequently shown with his friend and pet Slimey, an orange worm. On occasional episodes he has mentioned leaving Sesame Street to attend “the annual Grouch convention in Syracuse, New York”.