Little toot coloring pages

The story appeared in an animated segment of the Walt Disney Studios film Melody Time in 1948; the story was sung by the Andrews Sisters, with Vic Schoen providing the background musical score. In this version, Little Toot disgraces his father Big Toot by recklessly (albeit unintentionally) causing an ocean liner – one Big Toot was towing out to sea – to run aground and crash into skyscrapers in Manhattan. Little Toot is banished from the harbor as a result. In exile, Little Toot realizes that he must “grow up” – in other words, give up his careless ways – in order to earn respect from the other boats. . . including Big Toot, who has been stuck towing garbage scows ever since that fiasco with the ocean liner. Then Little Toot gets his chance: another ocean liner gets stuck on rocks, beyond the 12-mile limit; since Big Toot and the police boats are bottled up in the harbor by a storm, Little Toot must single-handedly rescue the grounded liner. . . which he does.