Dwarf lake iris coloring pages

It has 2 pairs of petals, 3 large sepals (outer petals), known as the ‘falls’ and 3 inner, smaller petals (or tepals), known as the ‘standards’.
The obovate, falls are 2–2. 3 cm (1–1 in) long and 0. 8 cm wide. They taper towards the claw (section closest to the stem). They have a white signal patch, which has a deep violet margin, and 3 central, orange, gold, or yellow and white toothed (or fimbriated – fringed) ridges (or crests). The signal patch guides bumblebees in to the middle of the flower, to pollinate it.
The standards are narrowly oblanceolate, 1–1. 5 cm (0–1 in) long and 0. 4–0. 5 cm wide. They are shorter and narrower than the falls.